The HCL is a registered Section 21 company that is also registered as a Non-Profit and a Public Benefit Company. It was established in 1999 and at that time catered for two main needs, namely, Seva/Community Upliftment projects and Indian Cultural advancement.

The Cultural advancement was based on the HCL providing access for those who were keen to learn how to play Indian instruments, learn Indian music, dance and language. The HCL serviced this need from 1999 until 2011 when other institutions and entities were able to expand from the base.

The HCL now provides a database for Indian related information, such as List of Prayers shops, List of Temples, List of Guru’s and a host of teachers for various disciplines of Indian Culture.

We have always and continue to participate in Community Upliftment projects to uplift our Communities and help ease the hardship they endure. A detailed gallery of our projects since 1999 to date are listed in the relevant tab but can also be accessed here

We welcome positive criticism and suggestions so that we may provide a selfless service to humanity.